Bronze cremation ashes urns

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High quality weather resistant bronze adult cremation urns for ashes

The bronze collection offers cremation ashes urns manufactured from high quality bronze. A great deal of time and dedication have been put into the design and decoration of these funeral urns, which are all hand made from bronze and has a flawless finish. The bronze collection is weather resistant. Bronze has been used throughout many civilizations because of its durable and enduring qualities. And as time passes, it only becomes more beautiful as it develops a patina. Bronze can also be cast into many intricate designs, which makes it the perfect material for a large variety of art, sculpture or statue urns. 

An urn is not only an object to keep the ashes in, but also a personal memorial for your loved one. Bronze urns stand out because they represent an eternity value that is important for many relatives. When you keep the remains of your loved one in a bronze cremation urn, you can know their memory and legacy will continue on.

Our high quality bronze cremation ashes urns come in solid cast bronze and sheet bronze. Cast bronze can be made into statues, figures, boxes and other interesting designs that are hollowed out to receive the ashes of your loved one. Our sheet bronze urns are welded together with sheets of bronze metal. The bronze urns are made individually. This in combination with the price of the material explains that bronze adult cremation urns are generally more expensive.