Lowest Price Guarantee at legendURN

To serve you as best we can, we offer a lowest price guarantee at legendURN. We don't want to make the lowest price guarantee complicated, but to keep it fair, we do have some conditions.

Conditions for the Lowest Price Guarantee

To be eligible for the price guarantee, you must be able to demonstrate that the competitor is cheaper. This can be done by providing a print/link of the relevant website, brochure, or flyer.

Our Lowest Price Guarantee applies to:

Competitors' promotions and discounts

Our competitors may run temporary promotions. If they offer prices lower than ours during such a promotion, our lowest price guarantee is still valid.

Competitors' prices

To make a fair comparison, the lowest price guarantee applies in comparison to parties based in the UK, complying with the same regulations and service levels. The guarantee is not valid for private traders, foreign suppliers, or parties without business registration.

Internet providers

If internet providers meet the above requirements (based in the UK and complying with local regulations), the lowest price guarantee is still valid.

Identical items

The product for comparison must be identical to the product we offer. This also applies to factors such as the minimum order quantity.

Timing of price comparison

When comparing a legendURN price with that of a competitor, both prices must be valid (or have been valid) at the same time.

Availability of the product at the respective competitor

The lowest price guarantee is only valid if the other supplier can actually deliver the product. The guarantee is not valid for sold-out products or products that are no longer available.

Up to 30 days after purchase

You can claim our lowest price guarantee up to 30 days after the purchase.

Steps to Claim the Lowest Price Guarantee

  1. Review the above guidelines and report the price you found by sending an email to [email protected]. Mention in the subject line that it concerns the lowest price guarantee. Include as much information as possible about the product from the other provider, such as screenshots of the offer and a link to the offered product.

  2. We will verify the price as quickly as possible.

  3. If everything is correct, you will receive the refund through the same payment method used for the order. If we are missing information, we will contact you.