Find the Perfect Resting Place for Your Beloved Pet: Largest Selection of Pet Urns Online

Your pet had a special place in your life. He or she was not only your pet, but also your best friend and faithful companion. Pets give us unconditional love, support and refuge. The death of your companion leaves a great deal of sadness behind. An emptiness that cannot be filled easily. To be able to give the loss of your pet a place to rest, many animal lovers nowadays choose to keep the ashes of their pet in a pet urn.

Pet urns are available in different variations and materials. Much time and attention is paid to the design and decoration of the pet urns. Their unique appearance makes our products ideal for storing your pet's ashes. We have urns suitable for various pets, such as dog urns, cat urns and urns for horses. 

If, for example, you have not yet placed the ashes of your dog or cat in a 'standard' cat or dog urn, you can always ask your pet crematorium how much ash there is.

If you have already received a 'standard' pet urn, you can easily calculate the contents of the 'standard' pet urn yourself, and then transfer the ashes to a product of your choice.

Pet urns Weight Kg Weight Lbs Volume liter Volume cu in
  up to 1 kg up to 2 lbs 0.15 liter 9 cu in
  up to 8 kg up to 17 lbs 0.5 liter 31 cu in
  up to 12 kg up to 26 lbs 1.0 liter 61 cu in
  up to 20 kg up to 44 lbs 1.5 liter 92 cu in
  up to 40 kg up to 88 lbs 2.0 liter 123 cu in
  up to 60 kg up to 132 lbs 3.0 liter 183 cu in
  > 60 kg > 132 lbs 4.0 liter+ 244 cu in

The table above is based on averages. We apologise in advance for this table, we know this is a sensitive topic. Nevertheless, we think it is important to inform you as well as possible.

Buying a pet urn

Your pet has held a place in your heart for years, and it will not be easy to get over this great sorrow. By keeping the ashes in a pet urn, you can literally and figuratively give your grief a place. This will help you in the grieving process, and it gives you a place to go to when you are having a hard time.

Largest range of cat and dog urns, for indoors and outdoors

LegendURN UK offers a wide range of pet urns in different materials and designs, such as a modern pet urn, wooden pet urn or a ceramic pet urn. When you want to make a memorial for your pet outside, we recommend you go for a stainless steel or bronze pet urn. When you want to place the urn inside, all materials are suitable. You can also choose a biodegradable cat urn or dog urn. A biodegradable cat or dog urn can be buried, after which the pet urn will be absorbed by the earth over time. You can also place a biodegradable cat or dog urn in a body of water like a sea or a lake. This is a very nice way of saying goodbye if your dog for example loved to swim.

What are the best-selling dog urns in the UK?

Do you find it difficult to choose a suitable dog urn? Then we will be happy to help you. Was your dog a pedigree dog? If so, a dog urn with an ash container that depicts a specific breed of dog might be what you are looking for. We sell dog urns for different breeds, such as dog urns for Labradors, dog urns for French Bulldogs, and dog urns for Chihuahuas. So, we have large dogs urns and small dog urns. In addition, dog urns with a heart or dog urns with a name are widely sold. You can have a personalized dog urn with name made by us by having a pet urn engraved or by adding an engraving plate to a pet urn. Unfortunately, not all pet urns can be engraved or fitted with an engraving plate. Do you need advice on which pet urns can be provided with a name? Please contact us.

What are the best-selling cat urns?

With our wide range of pet urns, we can well imagine that you might be overwhelmed and not know where to begin your search for the perfect pet urn. Therefore, we would like to give you a hand. One of our best-selling cat urns is the bronze sleeping cat urn. This cat urn is suitable for indoor or outdoor placement. Other popular cat urns are the cat urn in the shape of a heart and the cat urn with photo frame. Can't quite work it out? Please feel free to contact us, we will be happy to help.

What to look out for when buying a dog urn or cat urn?

Purchasing a dog urn or cat urn is not an easy and an emotional process. Therefore, we recommend that you take your time and, if necessary, discuss the options with your family members.

To help you with this, we have some advice for you in the process of choosing an urn. This blog focuses on advice for buying a normal urn, but the tips are of course also valid for buying a pet urn.