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Everyone deserves a dignified farewell and a beautiful memory

Our aim is to help you find a 'tangible' memory of your loved one in an open, modern and customer oriented way. By cooperating with various artists we are able to meet your exact requirements.

legendURN offers appropriate urns for ashes, cremation ashes jewellery, pet urns, grave monuments and associate funeral articles in various styles (modern to classic) for every budget.

The webstore has been specially designed to be simple, functional and user friendly. Our very competitive prices are due to an independent buying policy, good material knowledge and attention to detail resulting in a unique, diverse and ever increasing stock of cremation urns for ashes, memorial jewellery, cremation ashes pet urns and associate articles.

legendURN funeral urns and cremation ashes pendants
legendURN funeral urns and cremation ashes pendants
legendURN funeral urns and cremation ashes pendants

The Emergence of legendURN

We are Sander van den Berg and Joe Kramer, founders of legendURN. We've known each other since elementary school, which adds up to 38 years now. Inspired by our shared passion for design, entrepreneurship, and the desire to assist others, we decided in 2007 to take a significant step by turning our friendship into a business partnership. Not because of any (semi)traumatic experience related to a funeral, but because we wanted to provide loved ones with a special tangible memory.

When we started, there were hardly any urns and other memorial items available online. The urns at that time were available in any colour, as long as it was black. This led us on an international quest for unique memorial items, a quest that continues to this day.

We search high and low for exceptional memorial items that are a valuable addition to our unique range. We collaborate with local artisans and artists from around the world who create handmade urns, ashes jewellery, and memorial monuments. We also design our own products in collaboration with our customers and artists, such as urns in the shape of a Formula 1 car, Buddha urns, and an Egyptian urn line. If you can't find the memorial item you're looking for in our online store, we can create a memorial item according to your specific wishes. Every memorial item is crafted with love and care. These items are not just the final resting place, but also a reminder of the life lived.

Due to the growth we've experienced in recent years, we work with an incredibly wonderful team. Together with Hendrik, Geeske, and Max, we form an incredibly close-knit family.

What we stand for

We travel around the world to put together a unique and beautiful assortment. We stand for:

 our articles are made with care and dedication;
 largest assortment worldwide;
 product customization possible;
free shipping and free returns (100 days);
over 15 years of experience;
 excellent customer service;
 secure and sharp pricing.

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 Customer Reviews 4.5/5


legendURN funeral urns and cremation ashes pendants
legendURN funeral urns and cremation ashes pendants

We deliver our funeral articles in Great Britain, Ireland, Norway and Denmark. We also deliver our articles to the United States of America, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. Your shipment is subject to extra shipping costs and import charges applied by your country. Please check with your local customs office what these charges will be as every country has its own rules and regulations concerning duty charges. 

You can choose from a range of materials like metals (bronze, brass, copper, stainless steel, silver and gold), glass, natural stone, ceramics, synthetics or biodegradable products. We also supply funeral homes and crematoria.

To give you the best possible service, we welcome your feedback. If you miss something or have a remark to make, or want advice, you can tell us by e-mail [email protected] fill in the contact form or call us +44 808 169 4319.

Head Office legendURN

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The Netherlands

Tel:+44 808 169 4319

Opening hours

Monday - Friday:
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We have shipped our funeral products to cities like London, Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham, Leeds, Glasgow, Sheffield, Newcastle upon Tyne, Edinburgh, Cardiff, Norwich, Bristol, Nottingham, Brighton, Oxford, Cambridge, Leicester, Southampton, Northampton, Wolverhampton, Preston, Belfast, Stoke-on-Trent, Bolton, Milton Keynes, Aberdeen, Croydon, Bournemouth, York, Derby, Poplar, Luton, Plymouth, Hull, Coventry, Reading, Guildford, Bradford, Ipswich, Lincoln, Chester, Woking, Worcester, Bath, Cheltenham, Peterborough, Slough, Portsmouth, Teddington, Dublin,Cork, Limerick, Sligo, Galway, Drogheda, Swords, Malahide and Leixlip.