Fiberglass cremation ashes urns

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Fibreglass and carbon funeral urns

The nature of this material makes fiberglass urns not only highly decorative, but also very long-lasting and robust. The first step in manufacturing a fibreglass urn is to create a structure from fiberglass, resin and plaster. To this, two or three thick coats of glaze mixed with plaster are applied. Mother of pearl designs are then glued on to the urn, followed by a further three coats of glaze.

The urn is rinsed with water between each coating. Colours are then applied, then another coat of varnish. The mother of pearl design is picked out and cleaned with a knife, then a final coat of varnish is applied, the urn is smoothed off and polished, and the process is complete.

Carbon cremation urns are also very long-lasting, light, and strong, able to withstand outdoor weather conditions. Carbon is being used extensively in the race car (Formula 1) industry.