Ash destination, keeping ashes in an urn grave or monument

It is possible to bury the urn or casket in an existing (family) grave or to bury it in an urn monument in an urn garden. The funeral attendant can assist the next of kin to arrange the retention.

Crematoriums and cemeteries often have urn graves. For grave burials in cemeteries, the same rules often apply as for own or family graves. Multiple urns can often be placed in these urn tombs. The burial grave, which usually consists of a concrete or plastic urethane cellar, is closed with a beautiful cover plate on which text and images can be applied. The advantage is that the deceased's ashes can be kept in a place in the area where the relatives live and this place can therefore easily be visited.

It is also possible to add a personal or family grave. The ashes of the deceased can also be buried in a private or family grave in a cemetery. For example, if one partner wants to be buried, and another is cremated. Here too, the funeral attendant can tell the living relatives all about the possibilities and arrange for them to be taken care of.

The urn in the urn garden can be placed at various cemeteries. In the urn garden the urns are above ground. It offers a solution for people who have opted for a cremation, but still need a memorial site.