Ash destination, keeping cremation ashes in the garden​Every person is unique. Every person deals with mourning in his own way. More and more people are being cremated after their death. At a certain moment there is the question what will be done with the ashes. The ash is then often scattered or placed in an urn. Many relatives experience the scattering of the ashes, as an abrupt farewell. A farewell that suddenly becomes painfully final. The disadvantage of scattering is that relatives no longer have their own place to seek support, to express their feelings or to ‘go back to’ in difficult times.

When the ashes are placed in an urn in a columbarium, the family will in future be given the choice of what to do with the ashes, after the placement period in a columbarium.

That is why it is now possible to place the urn in your garden. This can be done by placing the urn on a pedestal, in a water urn, where the ash is slowly absorbed by the soil or, for example, in an urn cellar under the urn monument. This way you create a beautiful and personal memorial in your garden. The most demand at the moment is for the famous tree urn. Where ashes of a loved one or combined in an ecologic urn and planted with a seed to make it grow a tree.

In addition to offering our range of urns, we are happy to be of service with specific questions and needs. Whether this is a custom-made urn or a special font, we do our utmost to fulfill your wish.