Hand-painted keepsake urn 'Buddha'

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The hand-painted cremation keeepsake urns are manufactured from carefully selected materials to obtain a ceramic base from which the different models are created. Ceramic funeral urns are glazed in different colours and come in many pretty and colorful designs.

Patented Paint Recipes
This artist has spent years developing his own special recipes for the different colors that blend smoothly with the shining transparent glaze to create a feeling of warmth surrounding his objects.

Top Quality Brushes and Materials
Only the best quality brushes are used to allow for the utmost precision needed to highlight the details of the designs.

Step One: Painting
Since each Keepsake urn is a unique work of art, the artist must spend many hours concentrating on making certain that the necessary attention to detail is given for each object.

Step Two: Glazing
After finishing the painting, a glazing process using water based, white glazing powder that is sprayed on the Keepsake urn begins. The colorful decorations actually disappear under the white layer to only majestically reappear in the final stages of manufacture.

Step Three: The Firing Process
When the glazing powder has completely dried, a process that takes several days, the kiln is heated to a maximum temperature of between 1,050 and 1,250 degrees centigrade depending upon the type of urn. The glazing powder melts, forming a protective, glass-like and fully transparent coating that is designed to make the colors more intense.

More Information
Article number102042
Delivery timeApproximately 6 weeks
Shape / Symbol / ThemeCylinder, Religion, spirituality & symbolism
ColourSeveral colours
Dimensions (h x w x d in cm)H ± 16 cm
Volume in liter0.33
Volume in cu inch20.13
Suitable forHolding a part of the ashes
Suitable forIndoor