Brass cremation ashes urns

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High quality brass cremation ashes urns for adults

The brass collection offers cremation ashes urns manufactured from high quality brass. The artists have put a great deal of time and dedication into the design and decoration of the urns, which are all hand cast from solid brass and have flawless finishes. The brass collection is the most popular of the metal urns.

Brass cremation ashes urns are a traditional choice. However the new urn designs allow families to find a brass urn that expresses their loved one’s unique style or colour preferences. Although the classic brass urns remain very popular, many families choose for more modern designs such as bird, teardrop, heart or butterfly designs.

The ashes are placed into the urn through a secure threaded lid. These lids that open and close like a jar offer peace of mind that ashes will not be spilled if the urn is accidentally knocked over or dropped. Most of the urns can be personolized with an engraving. We also have matching keepsakes (mini urns) which can hold a small amount of ashes. The keepsake urn is ideal for close family members to each have a memorial to treasure.