Crystal glass cremation ashes urn 'Linda' purple

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A work of art
All the crystal urns in our collection are fashioned from finest quality Bohemian crystal. Given that these models are of hand-blown glass, each one has its own unique pattern of colours. Each urn is a work of art in its own right. All our crystal urns are hand-blown and although each model is manufactured in a specific way, the basis is the same for all models.

Manufacturing process
This artist specializes in manufacturing colorful cased crystal with a 24% PbO content, which is made by connecting the lay of clear crystal and the lay of colourful crystal with temperatures around 800°C. The manufacturing process is on the top of handmade production´s possibilities and only the best and most skilful glassmakers are able to make it. Also the fact that no method allowing a machine production has been invented yet represents a proof of its manufacturing demandingness. This traditional work has been maintained up to the present day. Younger generations of glassmakers inherit the skill of glass working and craft from older glass masters here.

Basic glass materials used with glass melting include glass sand, potash and lime stone. Glass splinters are also added into a glass stem. Typical colours are melted with a mixture of metal oxides. A present palette of colours includes ruby, blue, violet, green and cyan blue ones. A black colour, which is useable only for a few shapes and decors, is quite rarely melted, too. Each of our products has to pass several quality kontrol levels, which follow each individual process. Products showing any imperfections, often invisible by a laic eye, are splintered and in case of white or ruby red crystal they are repeatedly used for new molten glass melting.

The way leading to a glass product starts with melting a glass base material to a molten substance, which obtains some shape thanks to a man. That is a glass maker, who takes a part of the substance to a blowpipe and gradually kapes and blows.

Step 1
Preparations of a colourful crystal komponent prior to the flashing process itself.

Step 2
Casing process – with a pemperature arend 800°C a bulb of white crystal, being a product base is placed into a beforehand shaped colourful funnel.

Step 3
The process continues by shaping in a damped wooden mould, into which a glassmaker puts the bul band it obtains a basic shape by blowing. Wooden moulds are regularly changed since the are in a permanent contact with a molten substance.

Step 4
To make easier to cut the glass there are hand marked lines showing the basic points of the decor for glass-cutters.

Step 5
By grinding glass to various depths with the help of natural or synthetic wheel, a grinder achieves a required shape and design of each product.

Step 6
Polishing represents a final dot after the whole manufacturing process. While doing that each product is fully sunk into a polishing pool. In this way the product obtains a polish which is even more underlining its beauty and spectacularity.

More Information
Article number101590
Delivery timeApproximately 10 weeks
Shape / Symbol / ThemeFlowers, plants & trees, Cylinder
Dimensions (h x w x d in cm)29 cm - Ø 17 cm
Volume in liter3.2
Volume in cu inch200
Suitable forHolding the full amount of ashes
Suitable forBoth with and without ash bag
Suitable forIndoor