Silver cremation ashes pendants

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Sterling silver cremation ash jewellery / keepsake ashes pendants

When a loved one passes away, what remains are precious memories. Memories that you will want to hold close and keep in the way you think most appropriate. With a legendURN keepsake locket, the memory of your loved one will always be close to your heart, containing a tiny amount of ashes on a modern design. Because your memories are personal, and you want to preserve them that way.

You may also wish to give a piece of ashes jewellery to other family members as a lasting memory. Many people find ashes jewellery, containing a small amount of the deceased’s cremation ashes, a real source of comfort. In fact, people have used ashes jewellery for centuries, and ashes jewellery is a touching and popular way of honouring a loved one and keeping them close.

We understand better than anyone else that the cremation ashes jewellery you want to wear must be absolutely 'yours'. This is why we offer an extensive collection of pendants for ashes, all with the most perfectly painstaking finish and details. Modern, timeless designs for keeping your memories close to you forever.

We offer a wide range of sterling silver cremationash jewellery or ashes pendants. Our keepsake cremation ashes jewellery or pendants is fashioned by hand by the finest silversmiths, using high-quality 925 Sterling silver.

We would like to advise you to glue the silver cremation ash jewellery with for example ‘lock tight’ to make sure the keepsake ashes pendants can’t be reopened.