Consolation mini urn 'Heart and Soul'

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The loss of a beloved one is a dramatic event, particularly when you're young. The Consolation mini urns allow children to have a small lasting keepsake of their loved one positivily contributing to easen the grieving process. The Consolation mini urns collection contains different models and decorative elements inspired by the iconic works of the artist. This means that you can select a totally customised artwork, a smaller version of the large urn, creating an intense bond with the loved one.

In The Netherlands we work closely with a number of ceramists. This artist has been creating ceramic artefacts for over 40 years and has a peerless expertise of this material. The Consolation mini urns are little ceramic works of art made by hand from premium-quality clay. During the firing process of the urns their exclusive colour is applied, which bonds to the ceramic substrate.

The exclusive details and elaborate symbolism mean that the creations are not immediately identifiable as cremation urns, but rather as pieces of art. The contemporary shapes and unique bronze colour make each of the artist’s urns a work of art which complements any kind of interior décor, whilst at the same time being a expressive memento.

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Article number102439
Delivery timeApproximately 3 weeks
Shape / Symbol / ThemeDrop, Heart(s)
Dimensions (h x w x d in cm)9 cm - Ø 7 cm
Volume in liter0.12
Volume in cu inch7
Suitable forHolding a part of the ashes (Symbolic)
Suitable forA small amount of ashes (Symbolic)
Suitable forIndoor