3d printed biodegradable cremation ashes urn 'Pure'

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3D printed biodegradable funeral ashes urn

Our 3D printed bio funeral ashes urns are made from 100% biodegradable organic materials. Over time, this funeral urn will decompose and return to the soil (approximately 1 year). Biodegradable funeral ashes urns are primarily used for ashes which are to be buried. After the urn is buried, the ashes are released gradually as the container decomposes. In the end, the entire urn is absorbed into the soil and returns to nature, leaving no toxic residues.

Our 3D printed biodegradable funeral ashes urns are manufactured exclusively by specialist companies who use entirely environmentally-friendly manufacturing processes. The urn is made from  BioFila silk. The material BioFila silk is bio-degradable and has a degradation comparable with wood.

More Information
Article number200735
Delivery timeApproximately 3 weeks
Shape / Symbol / ThemeCylinder
ColourSeveral colours
Dimensions (h x w x d in cm)26 cm - Ø 18 cm
Volume in liter4.0
Volume in cu inch244
Suitable forHolding the full amount of ashes
Suitable forIndoor and outdoor