Biodegradable urn for water burial at sea (or other body of water) blue


Article nr: 100316

Delivery time: 5 - 10 working days

Material: Biodegradable

Colour: Blue

Dimensions (hxwxd in cm): 8 cm - Ø 48 cm

Volume: 213.5 cu in

This urn has been designed particularly with burials at sea in mind, so that the loved one’s ashes can be dispersed in an entirely environmentally friendly manner.

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This wonderfully handcrafted biodegradable Urn is 100% eco-friendly, made from fully sustainable paper and finished to a natural, high standard.

The urn is suitable for both land burial and water burial where the urn will gracefully float for a period of time before slowly sinking to the bottom of the water and naturally biodegradable over time. This design contains no items that are harmful to the environment and ensure a safe goodbye to your loved one.

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Article number
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Dimensions (hxwxd in cm)
8 cm - Ø 48 cm
Volume cu inch
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Holding the full amount of ashes
Delivery time
5 - 10 working days
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