Ceramic cremation ashes urn 'Teardrop'

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Article nr: 101711

Delivery time: 5 - 10 working days

Material: Ceramic

Colour: Beige

Suitable for: Both with and without ash bag

Dimensions (hxwxd in cm): 25 cm - Ø 21 cm

Volume: 232 cu in

‘Saying goodbye is not a choice, finding a perfect resting place is’
More than ever before, people tend to prefer cremation, wishing to give it a warm and personal atmosphere. Those who have lost a loved one may want to make the memory tangible, creating space for comfort.

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If you would like to personalize your loved ones urn it is possible to engrave the name and date onto the urn. Please click the link below to choose your option:


From sketch to finished urn
Ceramic urns are undoubtedly one of the most popular types of urn. They are manufactured from carefully selected materials to obtain a ceramic base from which the different models are created. Ceramic urns are glazed in different colours, and come in many pretty and colourful designs. A particular feature in our collection are Chameleon urns, which are treated with a layer of metallic paint which shimmers and changes tone depending on how the light reflects on it. A large part of our collection ceramic urn can be placed in inside as well as outside.

The first step in manufacturing a ceramic urn is to draw a sketch with the technical specifications. This sketch is used to create a plaster model as the base mould which will be used for all subsequent models. The different models are poured into this mould and left to dry, then smoothed off and fired at 900°C. After this the glaze is applied and they are fired again, this time at 1050°C.

Additional Information

Article number
Shape / Symbol / Theme
Dimensions (hxwxd in cm)
25 cm - Ø 21 cm
Volume cu inch
Suitable for
Holding the full amount of ashes
Suitable for
Both with and without ash bag
Delivery time
5 - 10 working days
Suitable for
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