Bronze water funeral art/sculpture urn

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Article nr: 200183

Delivery time: 5 - 10 working days

Material: Bronze

Colour: Several colours

Dimensions (hxwxd in cm): Ø 38 cm

Volume: 427 cu in

Ashes, placed in the patented waterurn will be return to the earth by incoming rainwater. The groundwater will take the ashes on a perpetual journey. The waterurn, a natural return to nature...
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If you would like to personalize your loved ones urn it is possible to engrave the name and date onto the urn. Please click the link below to choose your option:


Waterurn. A natural return to nature...

After a cremation many families have to face the difficult decision of what to do with the ashes? Scattering the ashes on an urnfield is the most common choice. But this is a farewell that is short and final. You are left without a private place to seek support, to express your feelings of to just simply spend your time in solitude.

The waterurn gives you an opportunity to give your memories a place in your life. This patented urn will release the ashes of your loved ones gradually into the earth. Placed discreetly where you prefer, this beautiful bronze waterurn can have a special place in your life: on that one spot in the garden where the first morning sun falls, in the shade of that beautiful tree, at the waterside of the beloved pond or perhaps placed on a pedestal, surrounded by flowers. You can, of course, also place the urn in a cementery or on an urnfield. Your waterurn can also be provided with a personal inscription. We will be delighted to tell you so much more...

Philosophy. A natural farewell and a natural return to nature

Every person is unique. Every human being has his own way of dealing with grief. More and more people nowadays are cremated after their death. At a certain point the question arises what will one do with one's loved one's ashes. Often the ashes will be scattered or placed in an urn. Many people experience the scattering of the ashes as an abrupt goodbye. A painful parting that suddenly becomes final. Hence, there is no longer an opportunity to pay one's respects or to seek support.

The waterurn gives you a personal solution. With the waterurn you can choose to give your memories a place in your life. This beautiful urn can be placed in a natural environment of your choice as an artful symbol containing a world of memories.The waterurn makes it possible to cherish your memories your way, on your own time, in your favourite place.This is a natural farewell and a natural return to nature...

Procedure. The principle of the waterurn

The waterurn is a bronze sphere placed on top of a tube approximately five feet in length. The urn can be placed in your own garden and offers sufficient space for the ashes of at least one loved one. Adding the ashes of another loved one is, even after years, is possible. Using rainwater the inner system causes the ashes to be gradually entrusted via the tube to the earth. Once started, this process takes place over a period of about ten years (depending upon rainfall).

The waterurn makes it possible to cherish your memories your way, on your own time, in your favourite place.

The process

The waterurn has a diameter of about forty centimeters. There are several compartments in the interior of the sphere. The lowest compartment can accomodate the ashes of two loved ones.The rainwater seeps gradually inwards through two narrow, circular grooves and comes into contact with the ashes. The ashes will be gradually released into the earth with the water. It takes about ten years before the ashes are completely delivered to the earth. Thus, in time the sphere becomes a cherished garden ornament. The process starts only when you decide.

Additional Information

Article number
Several colours
Shape / Symbol / Theme
Cube, rectangele, round & triangle
Dimensions (hxwxd in cm)
Ø 38 cm
Volume cu inch
Suitable for
Holding the full amount of ashes
Delivery time
5 - 10 working days
Suitable for
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